About Us

Our Story....

Greens Market was established in 1974 on the corner of Avenue G and 42nd Street by our father Edward (Ed) Green and our mother Montez Green. Our sister Mary worked with them for a while until the birth of her daughter. My brother Tim and I moved up from Miami soon after to help mom and dad. A few months later dad suffered a heart attack and was unable to work for an entire year so our sister Erma joined us too. Business flourished after adding some wholesale deliveries to some schools and restaurants in the Winter Haven area. As we continued to grow, the corner store could not handle the amount of business we were doing. In 1984 we moved to our current location. My brother Tim decided to go into another line of work and that left my dad, sister Erma, wife Kathy and myself to work the business. About 8 years later we decided to add meat to our business. Our business has continued to flourish as new customers have found us and learned that they don't have to pay high prices for quality meats and produce. 

It has always been our goal to please our customers in every way possible because that's what our dad taught us. So come on in and put us to the test and I think you'll agree that our dad taught us well. Hope to see you soon!

                                                                                          Jim & Erma Green